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Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Education 

Lamaze is a method of childbirth preparation that educates pregnant people and their partners by providing current and evidence-based information. It aims to build confidence, teach childbirth coping mechanisms, and encourage birthing parents to move around during labor to reduce pain and decrease the need for medical interventions. Birth is a transformative time and we help parents learn all of their options and develop the skills to advocate for themselves and their child. The goal is happy, healthy babies and a safe childbirth experience.

Childbirth Classes

We offer a variety of options to get all of the information you need to have a safe birth. Contact us if you would like to discuss which would work best for you!

Female Friends

Group Classes
6 weeks

Everyone’s journey from pregnancy through birth to parenthood is unique – and it by nature is transformative! Use hands on activities and interact with your support person and other couples to get all of your questions answered.

Image by Alicia Petresc

Private Classes

Invite all of your support people to class with you in our own home and get all of our specific concerns addressed and questions answered. This class is created just for you!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Birth Plan Consult

Your journey is all yours but you may want someone to review your birth plan or help you create one from scratch. Learn about all of your options and get all of your questions answered

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