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Birth your way

Many parents worry about the challenges of labor and birth. At Transformative Births we work to ease those worries and fears by creating empowered mamas. Classes include comprehensive evidence-based education that will help you learn and provide understanding about what to expect during labor and birth. We will cover comfort measures and pain management along with relaxation techniques. While learning about  common birth interventions you will discover how to advocate for yourself and work with your healthcare team to get the birth you want and deserve. 

The process of preparing for birth and parenthood will give you the confidence to give birth safely. Using the 6 Healthy birth practices you will learn methods, techniques and your rights as a birthing person for the best possible result. The journey from pregnancy to parenthood can be transformative for families. We are there for them to provide the information they need to better understand and make decisions throughout this journey. In everything we provide, we recommend the safest and healthiest options to parents without judgement. We want parents to feel confident asking questions and making informed decisions, giving them the ability to comfortably take control of their journey. 

 As a birth partner you will be given the opportunity to embrace and understand yourself in that role as you start your journey in supporting your partner in labor, birth and as a co-parent. 

The 4th Trimester is the beginning of your parenting journey and is just as important as the other three. We will spend time covering baby care, mama care after baby, and breastfeeding. 

Classes are always multi-sensory giving opportunity for lively discussion, videos, and many hands-on activities.  Each class varies in order to fit the unique needs of the individuals in that particular class.  We address your individual learning needs and help you discovery what it is you need to give birth with confidence. We are designed to help you on that path of personal self-discovery, transformation, empowerment and birth satisfaction.

Whether you take a 8 week group course, a 3 week private course at home or do a marathon 2 days, you will receive everything you need to have the best birth you can. If you are looking for more than we are currently offering, please contact us and we will work together to get you what you need.  

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