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Doula Services

Mother and Baby on Floor

Postpartum Support

Care for Mom and Baby

After birth, a Latin American custom called la cuarentena (“quarantine”) is observed. Except that it's a good quarantine. It’s a 40-day postpartum period during which mothers recuperate from labor and bond with their babies. Mothers are surrounded by all of the women in her life. Her village takes care of her as she takes care of her baby. Now doesn't sound exactly like what you deserve after having a baby? 

The 4th Trimester is a magical time but many mothers worry about the lack of sleep, the countless hours of breastfeeding and the struggle to keep up with household chores and care of older siblings. That is where a postpartum doula comes in. They are the help you didn't know you needed. Supporting mom, baby and the whole family is important in this recovery period. A postpartum doula is there to take care of the mother's emotional, physical and informational needs as well as support with breastfeeding. We enter your home with no judgement and we focus on "mothering the mother." 

You can schedule me to come into your home as soon as day one, or week 3 whenever you feel like you need the help.  Those first few days are tough and that's ok. I recommend using more hours in the first few weeks and then slowly wean yourself off as you grow into your new routine as a mother of one, two or more. I also recommend retaining services before the baby is born to secure days and times you may need. If you realize after the baby is born that you need help, that's ok too. Contact me and we can work out something. You will purchase a number of hours and they are yours to use how you see fit. We will work together to schedule 4 hour shifts until your hours are complete. You are always able to purchase more if you need them for the first 16 weeks of life. Let me be your support during this transformative time in your life. 

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